Mike's 10 Most Memorable Live Shows He's Ever Seen

  1. Jaco Pastorius at Lupo's (he played one song, "Happy Birthday," then left the stage)

  2. Hot Tuna at the Rivera, Chicago (the electric band, with Papa John Creach, opening for the Mahavishnu Orchestra. By the way, John McLaughlin played one song, then the whole band left the stage)

  3. John Fahey at Club Passim, Cambridge (so drunk, he fell off his chair, mid-song)

  4. Sam the Sham , between games of a double-header at Comiskey Park (the first live show I ever saw)

  5. The Ramones at the Living Room (pick a show, they played there dozens of times and I was there for nearly every one)

  6. Magic Slim and the Teardrops at Biddy Mulligan's, Chicago (New Year's Eve, my leg was in a cast, I got drunk, tried to dance and fell down. Ouch!)

  7. Richard Thompson at Lupo's (Linda threw a bottle at his head)

  8. Mick and Keith at Biddy Mulligan's (They were in town to play, and showed up to sit in with Albert King. I was there, honest.)

  9. Jim Hall with Joe Lovano at the BlueNote, New York

  10. The Strokes at Lupo's

  11. David Lindley and El Rayo-X at Center Stage

Five Easy Pieces (of equipment that I play)

  1. 1982 Fender '62 Precision Bass Reissue
  2. Washburn AB-20 Acoustic Bass Guitar
  3. 1950's plywood Kay Upright Bass
  4. Gallien-Krueger RB-400 amp
  5. Custom made ported cabinet, with a single 15" EV speaker