Hey! Drink Up by The Dino ClubHey! Drink Up (CD), 2002, The Dino Club
The songs that make up Hey! Drink Up are a virtual panorama of drinking and drunken experience. From the upbeat optimism of "High Song," to the first-person account of "Drinking in the Afternoon," to the hung-over regrets of "Lost Weekend" and "Day After," these 14 songs carve out places and faces that should be familiar to us all. Some songs, like "All Stars," and "She's Spinning" are wry (perhaps rye) observations made from the perspective of a barstool. "Blackout" tells a tale as dark as its title suggests, and "Settle Up" paints a picture any barfly will recognize. And "Oh Darling" puts you smack dab in the middle of a scene that strikes dangerously close to home, when a drunken girlfriend takes off the gloves. Believe me, I know you've been there.
So pour yourself a cocktail, settle back and listen to The Dino Club tell their tavern tales… It's time to say, Hey! Drink Up!

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"It resonates with pop smarts and great vocal harmonies, searing guitar and, best of all, amazing hooks."

--Bob Gulla,
Providence Phoenix

musical notes
The story of Hey! Drink Up, technically speaking, or Stuff You Might Not Understand

-- Courtesy of David Busch

Did you miss the CD release party at Jake's Bar and Grille? Check out pictures from the party and see what fun it was! And if you were there, maybe you're here.
The Dino Club

A note to our audience:


The Dino Club would like to thank everyone who attended our record release party on Saturday. It was so much fun, we want to do it again!! It was really nice to see Jake's packed with all you happy, good-looking people. We sold a bunch of discs and had a great time playing and revelling with all of you.

Thanks to Jackie and Jake for supplying the venue, thanks to Julian from Julian's restaurant on Broadway in Providence for giving us such a nice reception on the Thursday before Jake's. Thanks to Julie our Web Mistress for being a kind and supportive soul. Thanks to all you folks who made us feel on top of the world.

Keep coming and we'll keep playing...hell, we'll play anyway.

Love you madly-
Mark Cutler, Scott Duhamel, Bob Giusti, Mike Tanaka and Emerson Torrey

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